Top 12 crazy jobs that pay crazy money

Not everyone spends their days in an office staring at a computer screen or on the factory floor amidst the noise of a production process. Some people actually eschew these traditional forms of employment in favour of excitement and variety and, sometimes, those jobs just happen to come with very generous pay. So here are the top 12 jobs (some of which you might never have heard of) which pay extraordinary amounts of money! Crazy jobs, big money Professional bridesmaid. There are some people who don’t get married in church or at their local register office. Often, they will fly to an exotic location which relations or friends cannot afford and so the bride will need a bridesmaid who she may never have met before. There are plenty of so-called ‘professional bridesmaids’ charging anything from £500 to £5,000 to hold the bride’s train walking up the aisle. Lift mechanic. Ever been stuck in a lift with a group of people you’ve never met before or a guy with halitosis? It isn


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