Here’s why the way you manage £100 will be the way you manage £100,000!

We all want to earn more money. Given a higher salary, we’d pay off our debts, put more money aside for a rainy day and retirement and generally make life more comfortable, right? Not necessarily. According to one financial guru, thinking that you will start saving when your income is large enough is a “money lie” that most people tell themselves so that they don’t have to start tackling their financial problems right now. Patrice Washington, the author of the Real Money series of financial advice books, says that the examples of celebrities and sports stars who have made millions only to see their fortunes slip away should show everybody that simply making more money doesn’t mean that people will always make the right choices. She says that how somebody manages £100 will show them how they will handle £100,000. Building wealth and financial security, she says, is more about how much you manage to hold onto rather than how much you earn. Millionaires are just as likely


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