How to discover where you’re wasting money and wrecking your budget

We all like to present a positive image to the outside world. “Things are great”, “I’m doing good”, “We’re in a great place right now”. These are all phrases we all hear every day – from friends, from family members and, let’s be honest, from ourselves. But you are almost certainly wasting money. Surveys have repeatedly shown that Britons are not great at managing money and tend to overspend compared to their parents generation. It’s difficult in a society which places such great store on material wealth. And as we know the nation s favourite hobby is often cited as being shopping. Overspending can quickly grow from a bit of indiscipline to something serious which threatens financial security over the long term. A plan to stop you wasting money So if you want to avoid the same old financial mistakes year in year out, here are our top tips to help. You think budgeting is boring Most of us hate figures and the thought of sitting down and planning our spending for t


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