Do Rent to Buy retailers make financial sense?

You probably have a so-called weekly payment store in your local high street. Names like BrightHouse and Perfect Home have grown rapidly in the years following 2008/9 banking crisis. Their attractive facades and appealing promotions promise to enable you to buy those goods and gadgets that everyone seems to have already. So, if you need to replace your broken washing machine or get that widescreen TV you ve always promised yourself is using a rent to buy store a sensible way of doing it? Putting aside for the moment the merits of whether you should or should not make that next purchase what you really ought to make sure is that you don t spend more than you have to. And if you are going to have to borrow to make the purchase happen then this is even more important because you re going to be paying interest as well as the price of the item. So our call to you is to think twice as to whether you really need it and if you do then choose your finance carefully. How does weekly payment ren


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