The 11 best UK destinations for a weekend city break

The popularity of the ‘staycation’ has seen a renewed interest in UK towns and cities as annual holiday destinations. If you’re not a fan of flying, or you’re looking to save cash, British shores can be a great, simple option. The same goes for the city break. While Barcelona or Prague may have certain appeal, there are plenty of UK cities with hidden delights of their own. In fact, for those looking to do something different with spare weekends, it’s all about the British city break now. Ideal UK city break destinations Bath A historic town in southwest England, Bath is renowned for its Georgian architecture and Jane Austen’s influence. The old Roman Baths here provide a site of local interest and have also inspired a wonderful and luxurious modern spa. A wealth of shops, restaurants and bars give the city a cosmopolitan, as well as ancient, appeal. St Ives Wild and bohemian, St Ives is a city break by the sea that is also a gateway to the dramatic Cornish coast. This is


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