How to rocket boost your career

The average person spends close to nine hours a day at work. That adds up to 2,115 hours a year or a third of your adult life. For those who are happy in their jobs and have a good work/life balance, this isn’t a problem. But that is not the case for millions of people in the UK. Recent polls have found that up to 47 per cent of people want to change jobs and more than one in five are desperate to move on within the next 12 months. But the harsh reality is that economic conditions, necessity and the ups and downs of normal life can mean that you end up in a career you do not have a passion for. Negative feelings around your job, how much you are paid and the people you answer to can mean that you end up demotivated, dissatisfied and listless. Stand by to rocket boost your career But there is always hope. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the market for a promotion or pay rise with your current employer, are searching for pastures new or want to start your own business, a few


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