Download our Household Budget Planner

Why do I need a household budget? If you’re constantly struggling to make ends meet each month or simply just getting by until the next pay day, then the chances are that you are not budgeting correctly. A household budget is the best and most accurate way of getting an immediate picture of your finances. It will tell you if you are spending more than you are earning, show the areas where you are spending more than you had budgeted for and allow you to quickly identify where you need to make cuts. Overspending is a spiral – it can be very hard to get out of once it becomes entrenched. But you can solve this once you start using a proper household budget to gauge how serious the problem is. Solution Money’s Household Budget Planner is designed to give you a real picture of where you are financially each month. This budget planner is an Excel spreadsheet. That means that you will either need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer or one of the free alternatives like O


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