The 12 things holding you back

The 12 things holding you back Do you ever think that something is holding you back? That something about the way you live your life is preventing you from exploiting your full potential? If you do, then you’re not alone – everybody at some point in life will come up against an inner obstacle that they need to overcome to carry on growing. The only person holding you back is you. Nobody, no matter how close they are, can veto the changes that you know you need to make in your life to release your potential. Can you identify one or more of those things from our list? Do you want to change things? This applies to any area of your life. Look at your situation, pick an area you want to change and then: What is bothering you about the situation? What do you need to change about it? Write these down. What are the ingrained habits that have contributed to this? Write these down you need to be honest about these. What would the perfect situation look like? Write this down Write down what


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