The rise of Generation Rent and build-to-rent property

It is difficult to get away from the constant bad news about the UK housing market. Well, bad news if you’re trying to get on the ladder that is. Although we’ve seen some fluctuations, prices have risen pretty consistently. The average cost of a home in the UK is around £310,000 now, according to Zoopla. That rises to £500,000 if you’re house hunting in London. The huge discrepancy between the value of property and the amount we earn has left many younger generations at a bit of a loss. Do you tie yourself to a mortgage you’ll still be paying off at 60? Or do you rent forever and never own an asset or experience real property security so-called Generation Rent . The end of home ownership? Being part of Generation Rent is now a real possibility for many of us. And there are some pretty resourceful people out there who are looking to take advantage of this. Recent reports in the Telegraph, for example, have drawn attention to the changes under way in the rental sector. We may


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