Which influencers on Instagram should you follow?

Instagram is a social media platform where users post and share images. It currently has more than 500 million monthly active users – and numbers continue to grow. Since its inception, Instagram has become much more than just a photo sharing site. Now, it’s a business opportunity, a source of fashion inspiration, experience sharing and life inspo. Whether you’re looking to follow influencers (i.e. those with the most social presence) or just interesting accounts, here are our suggestions for some Instagram pages to connect with. For students The Frugality (thefrugality). Alex Stedman is a blogger turned Instagram influencer very popular with those on a budget. Fashion and beauty focused, her profile is the perfect place for bargains. So, if you want to live that jet set lifestyle on a bus pass budget, this is an influencer to follow. Thrifty Lesley (thriftylesley). Not yet an influencer but nevertheless an interesting Instagram account to follow. Based around the concept of feed


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