What are the options for free online dating?

“We met on Tinder!”  goes the cry, but admitting to meeting on a free online dating site used to be a big No No. However, as technology has made online dating cooler and more accessible, we’re all doing it. And the result is that it’s become completely normal for marriages to have begun with a swipe right. As always with online dating, big businesses have sought to cash in on our need to be loved by charging for their services. However, with so many websites and apps around do you really need to hand over your credit card? These are some of the best options for free online dating – that also happen to be some of the most successful. Tinder It’s a free app that you can download to a smart phone that allows you to ‘swipe’ for dates. The app is linked to your Facebook profile and so displays your ‘likes’ and your Facebook photos. However, the fact that you’re ‘Tindering’ won’t be revealed to your Facebook friends. To get started you simply look at the face in


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