How to move from a prepayment meter

UK energy suppliers tend to see a gas and electricity prepayment meter as a way for a user to manage their budget and for them to avoid energy debt. This is why they are usually the option presented to anyone who has had trouble paying their energy bills. However according to Citizens Advice the use of prepay meters could be costing each household around £80 £90 a year more than a credit arrangement. Other estimates put the typical penalty of using a prepay meter at over £200 p.a. Ofgem, the government s energy regulator, found recently that around half a million homes in the UK had been forced to install an energy meter over the past six years, and there are now around 6 million homes (20% of the UK total) using prepayment meters. But if you’re stuck with a prepayment energy meter and so are being charged more for your energy is there a way out? What is a prepayment meter? It’s a meter installed in a domestic home that requires you to pay in advance for gas or electricity. T


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