How to car share to save you over £1000 annually

Saving money on transport costs is big news in 2016. With rail fares going up by 1.9% next year and many forecasting petrol price rises after Brexit, it’s getting increasingly harder to cut travel costs. Commuting by car share is one of those ‘vintage’ ideas that suddenly looks like a great solution. In fact, even Uber is doing it – offering its ‘Uber Pool’ service where you can car share every time you take a taxi. Setting up a car share for your daily commute could enable you to cut your annual transport costs in half. Experts estimate that you could save around £900 £1,500 a year on transport by commuting via car share. Not only that but you might meet some interesting people too. So, how do you do it? Car share with people you already know If you have a group of friends you work with and you all live relatively close to one another then a car share is a logical idea. Take turns to do the driving or come to an agreement on costs if only one of you has a car. It’s a


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