Quick safe ways to borrow over the short term

If you need a quick and safe way to get some credit then there are number of alternatives available to you. We have written about payday loans and doorstep loans in our blog on a number of occasions in the past few months. The other methods that spring to mind include: Credit cards If you need to borrow a smaller amount – less than £7,500, for example – then it may be cheaper to use a credit card with an interest-free introductory period on purchases. The best option in this area is Tesco’s Clubcard credit card which gives you 0 per cent interest for a period of 16 months. You’ll also get double or even treble Tesco Clubcard points when you use it for purchases within the store. Purchases at some other stores will also earn you points. As well as interest-free purchases, the Tesco card also offers 0 per cent on balance transfers for a period of nine months although you will have to pay a 2.9 per cent fee on the balance of any transfers. The M&S credit card offers interest-fre


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