How to make money on Facebook – the new eBay

When it comes to selling your unwanted stuff, eBay used to be just about the only show in town. But now local Facebook selling groups mean that the social media site is rapidly taking over from the auction giant as the place to make a profit on things you no longer want or need. While eBay is primarily an auction site with some classified listings, Facebook groups are much more like the old classified pages in local newspapers. And unlike eBay, which can charge up to 10 per cent in fees, Facebook does not take commission on any of the items sold through its pages. How does selling on Facebook work? It is very easy to sell on Facebook – far simpler than eBay: sellers post adverts for things that they want to sell, the items are listed locally and then a buyer arranges to meet the seller and pays cash once he or she is happy. While the reach of eBay is still enormous, many sellers are increasingly turning away from the auction site because of its fees. The standard commission that eBa


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