How to cope with redundancy and get back on your feet fast

Losing your job can feel like a catastrophe. Being called in to your boss’s office to be told that your services are no longer required is a major life-changing event which can leave you feeling depressed and hopeless. But the choices you make immediately and the action that you put in place the moment that you are let go can make the difference between getting back on your feet fast or languishing at home feeling lost and without a role. What is redundancy? There is a major difference between being fired and being made redundant. Being fired generally means losing your job because you have done something wrong, not met your employer’s expectations or been found guilty of misconduct in your job. When you are fired, there is generally not a financial compensation package. Being made redundant is what happens when your job no longer exists or is to be phased out. This could be because of staff cutbacks, the business is being scaled down or reoriented, a merger or a technological adv


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