Focus on your needs and not your wants

Keeping up with the Joneses; casting envious eyes at your neighbour’s new car; fretting that your friends seem to be doing so much better than you. These are all natural impulses driven by that most basic of human instincts – to out compete the people around us in the race for survival. But in these examples you re focusing on your wants rather than your needs. Comparing your spending and apparent standard of living to that enjoyed by everybody else is what drives the UK consumer economy. But, as countless surveys have shown us, the car you drive, the holidays you take and the size of your smartphone are neither true measures of your quality of life or accurate indications of how happy you are. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you should really be asking “how am I doing?”. Mark Twain once said that “comparison is the death of joy” and it remains as true today as it did in 19th century America. While there are average figures for household income, spending and cons


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