Financial tips to help your children

Managing money and making good financial choices is an essential life skill. However, it’s not something that comes naturally to many of us. For parents, helping our kids get into good money habits is one of the key stages in life and this starts early. Not only that but we also need to be able to make our own sensible choices to provide money for university, travel, a house deposit etc. Whether you’re a financial whiz, or you find the whole thing a bit of a struggle, here are some tips on what to save for, when, and how to help children make good decisions. The education If your children are still young then you have time to start putting money aside for university – it’s really never too early to start. Research put together by the Wesleyan indicates that parents will be responsible for around two thirds of the cost of university for each child. That comes out at an estimated £30,000. If you start saving when a child is born then you can cover this with around £100 a month


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