Your consumer right to claim compensation

The UK has some fairly comprehensive protections in place for consumers. If you feel that you ve suffered at the hands of a business then there is action you can take. You are entitled to make a complaint and ask for an apology – or to return a faulty item – and you can also claim compensation. Compensation is basically a payment that you could receive if you ve suffered some sort of loss as a result of the actions (or inactions) of a business. So, if you don’t think that a product or service is up to scratch then it can be a good idea to make a complaint. Below are some of the most common compensation claims that UK consumers make. Defective products If you ve come into contact with a defective product and it has caused you problems then you might be able to claim compensation from the company that produced it. This could be illness as a result of food, for example, or a burn from a faulty electrical item, such as an exploding e-cigarette. The amount of compensation available w


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