How to make sure your car passes its MOT

If your car is over three years old, then it will have to pass an MOT test each year. This test is primarily about ensuring the vehicle is safe to drive and will not pose a hazard to other road users. If it fails, then you won’t be able to tax it and it will be illegal to drive it on the road. MOT failures can be expensive to put right, particularly in cases where a car has been so poorly maintained that it no longer meets the official criteria for road worthiness. A standard car MOT will cost you £54.85 although some testing stations will discount this. If your car fails, then you will have up to 10 days to put right the items that it failed on before returning it to the garage for a partial retest. While many garages will not charge for a retest, some will levy a reduced MOT testing fee for this service. As well as putting your safety and that of other road users first, ensuring that your car is always roadworthy and is likely to pass an MOT at any time makes good financial sense


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