Is AirBnB more hassle than it’s worth?

AirBnB is probably one of the most successful examples of the gig economy. This is the way that many of us are leveraging something like a house or a car to make extra cash. The way AirBnB works is that you essentially rent out a room or your whole house. So, you could make money while you’re away on holiday. Or if you have a housemate who moves out you could fill their room for a few days at a time. Perhaps you have a child who has just left for university and you want to make use of their old space. Whatever the reason, if you have a sleeping space you can earn money from it with AirBnB. One of the reasons why AirBnB works is that it offers people looking for somewhere to stay in a cheaper, and more interesting option than a hotel. A top price hotel may be far too expensive but a beautiful penthouse could be on the cards via AirBnB. Accommodation via AirBnB tends to be a more personal experience – you can live like a local for a few days – while hotels can feel sterile and col


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