How to fight unfair private parking tickets

Not all parking fines are equal some are fines, while others are more like invoices. Only councils and other licensed authorities including the police are allowed to issue parking fines – known as Penalty Charge Notices – which are legally enforceable. Private parking operators, on the other hand, are not able to issue these types of parking tickets and so often resort to underhand tactics to make their correspondence look official and menacing. If you get a ticket in a public car park, on a street or in an NHS hospital car park, this will be clearly marked ‘Penalty Charge Notice’. Private parking operators will often attempt to mimic this legally enforceable fine by copying the look of a Penalty Charge Notice, calling it a ‘Parking Charge Notice’ or PCN, dressing their parking attendants to look like Police Community Support Officers or putting threatening phrases on the ticket like ‘Warning – Do Not Ignore’. These private parking tickets and notices are not fines


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