Back to School money saving tips

September can be an expensive time of year for families as kids go back to school. The new school term starts again and that means lots of new ‘stuff.’ Pencil cases and lunch boxes, uniforms and textbooks, as well as school run petrol and lunch money – it all adds up. If you’re trying to keep a tight hold on your finances then we ve got some great savings tips that will help you ease back into the new term. What do you already have? There’s one word that sums up the week or two before a new school year starts and that’s: chaos. In that chaos it’s very easy to forget that you may already have plenty of school socks or winter shoes and there’s really no need to blow the budget on more. Take a few quiet moments to do an inventory of what you already have. Will last year’s lunch box do for another year? Can the T-shirts and shorts from a summer camping trip serve as gym kit? Do you already have drawers full of writing materials? You could cut your list in half by avoidin


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