How to negotiate a pay rise

Few of us like asking for a pay rise – it can be deeply uncomfortable and ultimately unrewarding if you aren t confident and don’t have much experience of fighting your own corner. But convincing your boss to increase your salary does not need to be a terrifying experience. If you adopt some easy-to-learn tactics and do your homework in advance, you are much more likely to come away with the pay rise you want. Your pay rise plan of attack Do your homework. Yes, everybody would like to take home £150,000 but the average salary in the UK is somewhere south of £26,000. It’s no good going to your boss and demanding something completely unrealistic. Do your research and find out how much somebody with your amount of experience in your particular sector could reasonably expect to earn. Use one of the salary checkers that are available online to compare what you earn with others doing similar jobs. Make the approach at the best time. Don’t go steaming in to your manager’s office


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