Help in tough times for first time home buyers

In the UK we all aspire to buy property. Unlike other countries, such as France or Belgium, long term renting isn t the norm here. Most of us assume we will either buy a starter home after working for a number of years in your first job at 18, or rent after university and then buy several years after that. However, things are changing in the housing market and fewer people are able to make that first key step onto the housing ladder’s bottom rung. 27% of first time home buyers need help The government’s housing survey released in July highlighted that more and more young people are now forced to rely on parents to make the leap to property ownership. The survey indicated that 27% of first time home buyers were now reliant on the ‘bank of mum and dad’ or friends and family to make a property purchase. 20 years ago, only 21% of first time buyers had to do this. Fewer people are now in a position to buy a property alone than was the case 10 years ago and 7% more are using inherit


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