Tips on how to increase your monthly income

No matter what our financial circumstances, there are times when we could all do with increasing our monthly income. Earning a bit of extra money might be important because of a change in lifestyle, a planned wedding, a new baby, putting a son or daughter through college or because we simply want to reduce our debts. If you want to increase your monthly income, then you’re going to have to think creatively because new income streams don’t just appear out of thin air. We ve rounded up some of the best ways of bringing in more cash to give you control over your monthly budget. 1. Get a part-time job Britain is increasingly becoming a nation of part-time workers with recent figures showing that almost 8.5 million are currently working in types of employment that don’t comply with the traditional image of a nine to five job. That flexibility in the labour market means that there are more part-time jobs than ever so if you need to make more money, there has never been a better time


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