How mobile apps are revolutionising the way we bank

Online banking is a pretty unstoppable force and we’ve already blogged about the challenges the banking sector faces accommodating those who don’t want to bank online. However, for everyone else it has been a fairly natural switch from telephone banking – or branch banking – to going online. Now, it seems the personal banking industry is embarking on another service revolution. Websites vs. Apps According to research from the British Bankers Association (BBA) the numbers of people using a website to access their online accounts has been falling for several years. In 2014, the figures showed customers logging in via websites 4.4 million times a day but in 2015 this dropped to 4.3 million times a day. At the same time the number of people logging in via apps has been rising. In 2014, there were 7 million app logins per day but last year this rose to 11 million per day. That’s a pretty significant increase and, alongside the drop in website logins, indicates that app banking ma


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