8 ways to get great clothes without spending too much

Why do some people look good and others look like they ve dressed themselves at the local jumble sale? It’s all about money, isn t it? Those with a lot of cash can afford the best designer clothes, take a pride in their appearance and look smooth and polished all the time, right? Wrong. While having a lot of money can mean that you’ll have the cash to spend on the latest fashions, just because you aren t rich does not mean that you have to dress poorly or not take pride in your appearance. 8 top tips to save money on your clothes: Have a clothes budget It’s a myth that shopping for new clothes will break the bank. In fact, thanks to globalisation, clothes have never been cheaper. True buying yourself a completely new wardrobe in one go can cost you a lot, but if you break it down and shop regularly rather than once a year, then you’ll keep your wardrobe fresh without putting a strain on your bank account. The trick is to set a monthly budget for clothing and stick to it. The


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