Should I buy or rent a house?

You may have just graduated from university or got your first job. Or you may simply have been living at home for longer than you had originally planned and are keen to put down roots in a place that you can call your own. Moving out into your first house is the first major step of adulthood. But millions of young Britons are finding it harder and harder to take that step because of rising prices, stagnating wages and the ongoing shortage in the country’s housing stock. For the majority of people under the age of 25, renting has traditionally been the first step to independence. Letting a house from a landlord means that you can move out of home without having to worry about the responsibilities that come with actually owning your own house. But hundreds of thousands of first-time buyers continue to climb onto the property ladder each year thanks to record low interest rates and the allure of starting to make an investment in bricks and mortar. So, if you are thinking of moving out


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