Should I use my credit card abroad?

Until relatively recently, the majority of people who holidayed abroad took travellers cheques or the local currency with them. But carrying a substantial amount of cash can be risky, particularly in countries where petty theft and pickpocketing are rife. And travellers cheques, while safer, can be difficult to exchange for cash or to settle bills when you are holidaying away from the main tourist centres. Using your credit card abroad offers a safer and more convenient way of paying hotel and restaurant bills as well as other spending. No wonder, then, that the majority of payments made by British travellers overseas are now made by plastic. But using your credit card abroad can be expensive. Banks and other issuers will charge you more than once every time you use your credit card overseas and if you withdraw cash with them, the fees you’ll end up paying can be exorbitant. What will I pay? If you use your credit card sensibly at home, it can be a great way of borrowing without pa


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