How cut your kitchen appliance energy bills

Gas and electricity are scarce resources and the price we’re being asked to pay for their consumption in our homes is a reflection of that. But with household budgets coming under ever more pressure these days, it’s essential that we look at how much energy we use and, crucially, how we can cut our energy bills. Good job, then, that it’s often the little things that can make a big difference. Take the kitchen, for instance, where demand for gas and electricity is huge. With a few clever tweaks here and there, and a bit of ‘green’ education, we can all save ourselves a tidy sum on our energy bills. Every little helps, as they say somewhere. Hob/cooker We all know that steamed vegetables are healthier than boiled veg because they keep more of their nutritional content, and they’re tastier too. Invest in a multi-tiered steamer and prepare two or three lots of different vegetables on the same hob ring, saving energy. Have you ever used a pressure cooker? An old favourite with


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