7 retail tricks we all keep falling for

Are you in full control of your senses when you go shopping, making rational and intelligent purchasing decisions as you go? Of course, we all think that’s what we do, which is exactly what retail companies would like us to think. It’s not so much Big Brother, more like clever marketing, subliminal messaging and neuroscience. In a continuous attempt to increase profits, retail companies are devising ever smarter ways to stay one step ahead of consumer behaviour. In this way, even the savviest shopper can be routinely ‘led astray’ into spending more money than he’d originally planned. None of us is immune to it, and here is how it works: Sales and discount offers If there’s a sale on, there’s bound to be bargains to be had, right? Wrong. There may well be some in-store reductions, but big bold SALE posters are a tried and tested method to entice more customers into the store, where more often than not they will buy non-sale items. If you are tempted by an ‘unbeatable b


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