How to budget following the Brexit vote

Whatever side of the vote you were on, when the results came in on June 24th there was widespread shock. Even Brexiters couldn’t believe that the decision to leave had been made. As we soon saw from the disarray in government, no one was prepared for a Brexit. And, as we have seen since, working out how to handle it isn’t going to be easy. For individuals, the impact of the referendum result will take some time to filter through. While that is being processed, here are a few post-Brexit budget tips you can think about now. Book an all-inclusive holiday If you have yet to book your annual break then do away with budgetary uncertainty with an all-inclusive. You won’t have to worry about the value of your pound fluctuating as everything is paid for in advance. All inclusives also take away the need to withdraw cash from an ATM. As we saw in the wake of Brexit, some holidaymakers were unable to access cash at all as banks simply didn’t know what exchange rate to set. That’s a ri


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