How we waste money on holiday

Holidays are one of our biggest annual spends. Flights, accommodation and travel can be the most significant cost but it doesn’t end there. Inevitably, holiday budgets are undermined by that sense of joy you get from two weeks in the sun. The spending recklessness that comes with it can play havoc with your finances. Most of us know we overspend on our annual break but where do we waste the most cash? At the airport Whether you’re buying entertainment for the kids or accidentally purchasing your window shopping, airports can be costly. Books and magazines, perfumes and aftershaves, food and celebratory drinks all add up. If you want to save money from the start then take food with you instead of buying expensive airport meals. Pre-plan how to keep the kids happy and make sure you don’t pack toys, colouring books etc into checked-in bags so you have to buy more. Allow yourself one item of tax free shopping and have a specific budget for it. That way you won’t take off with half


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