Summer travel tips for student budgets

With such lovely long holidays, it makes sense for students to think about travel when term time is over. From Interrailing around France, Germany and the rest of Europe, to lazing on the beaches of South America, there are many sights to see. While most students don’t have enormous resources, this doesn’t have to stop you. There are plenty of ways to see the world as a student on a budget. Perfect the Work:Travel ratio You can lessen the impact of travel on your finances for next term with a 50:50 work to travel ratio. Smart students work for months or weeks before leaving, to get the cash together for flights etc. This means you can enjoy your travels with money in the bank. However, there are also many jobs abroad available to travellers, depending on your skills. You could teach English, clean a bar, pick fruit or be a tour guide, for example. Working as you go often means you can travel further, as well as enjoy the experience of feeling like a local. Work for a month then tr


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