Costs vs. Benefits of a University education – An Infographic

The last 20 years have seen a significant change to the funding of British higher education. Rather than the State covering the cost the burden has been passed to the university student. The cost being covered by students has risen significantly. By the end of a typical 3 year course it is perfectly possible for a graduate to be in debt to the tune of £50,000 or more. Any student now considering doing a degree needs to be sure that the financial benefits over their lifetime will still outweigh the costs. There are obviously a series of non-financial benefits that also accrue by studying at a further education level but it is really down to the student to decide which of these, if any, they value. University Infographic Our infographic is designed to show: What the costs are of going to university How weekly costs differ around the country including living costs and the cost of having a social life What the financial and non-financial benefits are of gaining a degree. With the student


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