How Much Do We Spend on Fast Food? The Shocking Truth

Fast food dates back to the 1950s when the good old US of A popularised the hamburger and helped to create a whole industry around food that is essentially available over the counter in a matter of minutes. Today, we include the usual hamburger chains in the definition of fast food, as well as a whole range of takeaways and drive thrus that provide us with everything from tacos, to curry, to pizza. There has been no shortage of reports on how little nutrition fast food contains and yet we still buy it. In fact, we buy it in record amounts. Brits spend more than £30 billion a year Over the past couple of years various surveys have revealed just how much Brits spend on a fast food habit. According to a 2014 survey by  we are spending more than £30 billion a year on fast food and takeaways. For many people that’s a significant proportion of their food budget. In fact, some estimates indicate that some of us are spending around a third of our food budgets on fast f


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