Top 10 ways you are Wasting Money

Being financially better off requires a combination of two main factors: being able to earn money and the ability to manage spending. Even though you may feel like you have great control over your finances, there are still plenty of spending traps that can result in you having less in the bank at the end of the month than there should be. Kick start your finances this summer by ensuring you’re avoiding these Top 10 ways you are wasting money. Bottled water If you sit down and think about how much sense it makes to pay for something that comes out of the tap it’s just a bit bizarre. Yes, many bottled water brands claim health benefits and you may prefer the taste but the extortionate cost can be a real waste of money. Try a filter jug instead of paying by the bottle or invest in a water filtration bottle which you can carry around just like bottled water but which you fill from the tap. Branded products It’s no secret that supermarkets hike up the prices of certain branded produc


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