10 things to look out for on your credit file

Hundreds of thousands are people in the UK are regularly turned down for credit – be that a loan, a mortgage, a credit card or a mobile phone contract. There will have been individual circumstances for those rejections but there are a number of other reasons that credit is declined which are common to all lending decisions. You can identify these reasons when you apply for your credit file from one of the three main UK credit reference agencies – Experian, Equifax and CallCredit. Your credit file is divided into four sections: the bits that confirm your identity your record of borrowing and paying back credit the public records that are held on you any credit searches that have been made when you have applied for borrowing. So, here is what to look out for when you look at each of these four sections. First you can check that it is correct and, second, interpret whether this information is likely to help or hinder your ability to successfully apply for credit: Electoral roll. A


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