How to budget and live within your means

Financial enslavement is corrosive and toxic. Left too long, it will not only lead you into serious monetary difficulty but it will erode your personal life, disrupt or destroy relationships and have serious effects on your health Avoiding this enslavement – where you have to earn more and more just to maintain your commitments and keep on repaying debts relies upon being able to live within your means, putting money aside for a rainy day and your retirement and responsible use of credit. All three of these are predicated upon setting a household budget and sticking to it. But, despite this being a relatively simple task, it seems to be something that many Britons prefer not to do: recent surveys have indicated that fewer than three in 10 people in the UK keep track of all their income and expenditure! But having a home budget will help you achieve your life goals as well as ridding yourself of the burden or debt, saving for a house or putting money to one side for a pension. And he


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