Would a balance transfer credit card make sense for you?

If you’ve got a credit card with more than £1,000 outstanding on it, you might be considering applying for a balance transfer credit card. These cards offer a promotional introductory period – sometimes for as long as 18 months – where you will not be charged interest on the amount that you have transferred. But are they a good idea? Do balance transfer cards actually save you money or can you end up in even more debt and make your financial situation worse than it was before you started out? What to consider before applying There are plenty of promotional balance transfer cards out there with virtually every major card issuer offering deals lasting between 12 and 18 months. But before you jump in and start applying for one or more of them, it’s important to note that just because the headline says 0% does not mean that everybody will benefit from that rate. Marketing rules mean that the issuer only has to offer the headline rate to 51% of people who apply. If you have an imp


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