How to watch TV without a licence – legally!

A TV licence is something that is often forgotten about and, as a result, can come as quite a shock to your annual finances when the time comes to pay for it. The yearly cost of a TV licence is £145.50 for a colour licence and £49.00 for a black and white TV Licence but watching TV without having a licence to do so is a criminal offence in the UK and could lead to prosecution and a criminal record. Fines of up to £1,000 can be handed out, not including the legal costs that may be incurred to take you to court. So, ‘forgetting’ to pay for your TV licence, or avoiding it altogether, can land you in some serious hot water. So, how can a TV licence be free? At the moment, there is an exception for anyone who is watching only on-demand TV. This is a service such as BBC iPlayer or 4OD where the programmes that you’re watching have all been shown on a previous date and you are only‘catching up’ on them. Currently, there is no need to have a TV licence for this kind of programm


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