How to pay off debt even when it seems overwhelming

It can be tempting to live in denial when it comes to debt. As long as you are making the minimum monthly repayments on your credit cards and sticking to the schedule on your loans, why worry about the total sum that you owe? But while the responsible management of debt is healthy, irresponsible behaviour can mean that debt can eventually overwhelm you and reduce the chances of financial security in later life. It is now common for Britons to owe more than £10,000 in unsecured borrowing which excludes mortgages and other loans secured on property. Having such a large amount of debt can often lead to exactly the kind of behaviour which will pile misery on top of misery: those in this situation often prefer to pretend it is not there and just carry on with reckless spending. But dealing with your debts – even when your income is low and the amount that you owe seems overwhelming – is perhaps more straightforward than you think. Here are some steps you can take to start to reduce th


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