Cheaper ways to travel than public transport

Public transport used to be one of the cheapest ways to get from A to B. However, in recent time prices have risen and in cities such as London travel can cost an arm and a leg. Over a decade we have seen local bus and train fares increase between 60% and 90% with the Department for Transport’s statistics indicating that local bus fares in London have risen a huge 87%. Given that wages have risen by nowhere near this amount (around 30%) it’s no surprise that public transport has become such a cost burden for many households. Thankfully, there are some much cheaper alternatives. Bicycle A focus on making the UK a greener place to live has seen cycling put at the forefront of transport strategy. New cycle lanes, cyclist safety campaigns and self-service bike sharing schemes – such as London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ and Nextbike in Bath – offer many more opportunities to get out and about on two wheels. While cyclists need to purchase the right safety gear, and of course the bike it


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