Top 10 financial mistakes and how to avoid them!

Most of us have made financial mistakes at some point in our lives. For the majority, these have been relatively minor and have not had a long-term impact on our financial health. But for a significant minority, poor judgements made in the past have seriously affected their ability to raise money when they need it or hold on to what they earn. But no matter what you earn, the good news is that responsible and prudent financial management is a skill which can be learned and applied at any time of life. So, it’s worth looking at the 10 most common financial mistakes and how you can avoid them: Not having a contingency fund Thinking that the unexpected will never happen to you is playing fast and loose with your household’s wellbeing. Many people live payslip to payslip and an unforeseen emergency can only be dealt with by using credit. But most financial advisers believe that a minimum of three months of household expenditure should be kept in a current account where it can be used


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