How Brexit might affect your bottom line

By: Alex Hartley Jun 20, 2016 How Brexit might affect your bottom line By the time Britain wakes up on Friday morning, the result of the referendum into the country’s continued membership of the European Union will be known. What will be less clear is what effect the vote will have on the personal finances of millions of people in the UK. The Remain campaign – led by the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer – is clear: British households will be worse off if we choose to leave the EU than if we choose to stay in. The figures put forward by the Remain camp are stark: the British economy would shrink in GDP terms by 6 per cent by 2030 (not compared to now BUT compared to where the UK would otherwise be). So Britons would be, on average, £4,300 worse off each year. The Leave campaign has dismissed the figures as scaremongering, saying that by releasing Britain from regulations emanating from Brussels and saving our net annual EU contribution of £8.5 billion, businesses