How to slash your food bill by 50%

By: Oliver Jones May 25, 2016 How to slash your food bill by 50% We waste so much money on food – UK households spend £12.5 billion on buying and then throwing away food every year, that’s around £700 a year that each household could save simply by smarter shopping and avoiding waste. If you need to significantly cut the cost of your food spend, without going hungry, then these tips will help you to save some serious cash. Buy it when it’s cheap, not when you want it While you don’t have to buy everything on special simply because it’s on special, if you have a list of items that you regularly purchase (rice, pasta, baked beans etc) then stockpile these when they are reduced. Leave some room in your weekly food shop for flexibility – if your family eats meat three times a week then buy whichever meat is on special that week, rather than what you want to eat. With some clever cooking you can make anything taste great. Have a vegetarian week Meat is the most expensive comp


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