7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

By: Oliver Jones May 19, 2016 7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Your credit score (or rating) is an essential measurement of how you as an individual rank in terms of creditworthiness – so you need to protect it and nurture it. A credit score can seem like a confusing and intimidating number, and you may be tempted to ignore it if it’s not great. However, it’s important to understand how to improve your credit score as it’s this statistic that will have a significant influence over whether lenders believe you are worth lending to, and so your ability to obtain credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and other finance products. Borrow This might sound counter-intuitive but the thing about a credit score is that you need to have some history of borrowing to create a good one. If you’ve never borrowed anything, had a mobile phone contract or owned a credit card, for example, then there is no evidence that you’re able to manage borrowings and repay them on time and this can be j


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