6 Ways to Earn a 2nd Income in 2016

By: Alex Hartley Apr 28, 2016 6 Ways to Earn a 2nd Income in 2016 Whether you’re looking for a second income to cover basic bills, or saving for something specific, that little extra cash each month can come in really useful. In 2016, thanks to the breadth of opportunities to earn both online and off, there are many ways in which you can supplement what you already have – as long as you have a plan. Below are 6 strategies to help you successfully earn a second income this year. 1. Rent out what you own Everyone is trying to economise these days and whether that means finding a cheaper B&B or renting, rather than buying, equipment for a photoshoot, the idea of borrowing has created lots of ways to generate a second income from what you own. Books, camera equipment, speakers, bikes, clothes and shoes are just a few of the items that are easily rented out via sites such as Rent My Items. If space is what you have to sell then you can make even more of an income – for example, rent


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