7 Ways to find really affordable flights

By: Alex Hartley Apr 20, 2016 7 Ways to find really affordable flights When it comes to holidays and trips overseas, the most significant cost is often getting there. Flights can be incredibly pricey, especially to further flung locations, such as the Caribbean and the USA. However, you don’t need to let cost and distance stop you from adventuring, as there are some simple ways to find genuinely affordable flights. 1. Search in private browsing mode You may have noticed that when you’re trying to find flights, if you don’t buy the first time you start looking then the price gradually increases. Although this may seem like other customers are buying up these precious seats, it’s actually just a trick to push you into panic buying the flight at the current price. Browse for flights incognito in Google Chrome or Safari by pressing Command (or “Control” if using PC) and then Shift, N. In Firefox or Internet Explorer it’s Command (or “Control” if using a PC) then Shift, P


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